What to serve?

So for my birthday I made the crock pot BBQ chili, not bad I think. It was a little sweet but if I had used my home made BBQ sauce instead of bottled it would have been more smokey, less sweet.

My son’s birthday is this week and I’m trying to plan a menu (I know, talk about waiting until the last minute) but since it’s only going to be 5 of us, all family, I’m not wanting to go overboard.

I have decided on serving Chinese pork ribs (I’ll post the recipe in a day or two) but I’m having problems deciding what else to serve with it. Maybe a noodle or rice dish and there has to be some veggies but other than that I have no clue. Anyone have any good Asian side dish recipes?


Usually for our birthdays I make something special. This year not so much. For my husband’s birthday we didn’t do anything since he was at a concert with his brother. My sister’s birthday we had a party but it was at a friend’s house and they cooked. Other than icing the cake (and as a cake decorator I’m expected to) I didn’t do anything. Ok, I made a side dish (I will post it, I promise) but it wasn’t much. For my birthday last year I made my Super Salmon and I made it again for our anniversary. This year I have to work so I think I won’t be doing much more than making a crock pot of Slow Cooker BBQ Chili and calling it good.

However next week is my son’s second birthday and while I will be making a cake, at work, my kitchen is almost too small to do it at home, especially with a toddler wanting to “help”, I’m not sure I will make something special for dinner. Maybe, maybe not.

Something New

So I’m adding some new stuff to my blog including a recipe page including both my own recipes and ones I’ve used or been suggested. If you are interested in adding a recipe to my recipe link list please leave a comment with a link to your recipe post.

Also I’m starting to combine my menu plan and my shopping trip posts into one since I usually do them on the same day anyway. So keep a look out for those.

And I am adding a link area for the food related blogs and websites I frequent so if you would like to add your blog or website on there please leave a comment on any post with your blog or website address on it so I can add it to my list.

I love sharing my recipes and food ideas and hopefully I inspire some people to try some new stuff and I know there are lots of people like that out there in internetland so please send me your links to your blog or website and recipes!

Christmas Dinner

I changed the pic on my blog head to something most people wouldn’t think was normal but there is a reason behind it. I’m not usually a holiday person….well, I’m not going to get into why but let’s just say I could do without Christmas for the most part. Except for Christmas dinner.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, beautiful area, and I live right on the coast, I can hear the ocean in my house and see it from my bedroom window. Living so close to the ocean has it’s advantages, like fresh live dungeness crab for Christmas eve. Served with about a pound of butter and a green salad (eaten before so there isn’t any shell pieces in it) and lots of fresh french bread. There is truly nothing better. And although we usually end up eating crab quite a few times during the winter, that’s crab season around here, Christmas eve is ALWAYS the first of the season for us. I can’t wait. So until I can furnish my own picture of our own crab dinner that one will be on my blog. I’m hoping it will inspire someone to try some fresh crab if they never have had it before…. 🙂

Thanksgiving Menu

Ok, so here is what our Thanksgiving menu is looking like:

smoked turkey ^
smoked oyster dressing *
apple cranberry dressing *
mushroom dressing *
cranberry relish *
mashed potatoes and gravy ^
brussel sprouts ^
green bean casserole (from scratch) *
carrot and raisin salad *
2 pumpkin pies ^

^ – Mom is making
* – I am making

Today I am going to make the cranberry relish since it needs to sit a couple days. I am also going to prep all the veggies for the dressings and have them in bags ready to cook so I will have less prep to do before dinner. Plus, I work from midnight to 9 am that day and the less I have to do the better….

What’s for Thanksgiving…part 2

I think we decided last night to have smoked turkey. Mom got a smoker last year and although it was a hassle to do it (up at 5 am to get it started) this year should be easier since she has bought an electric coil for it so she doesn’t have to regulate the temp so much. Plus, I think she is going to smoke it the day before, that way she can smoke some extra turkey breasts on Thanksgiving (they don’t take long) for leftovers. And Hubby said he wants mashed potatoes and gravy. As for the rest of dinner, who knows? Smoked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry relish don’t a Thanksgiving dinner make. I’ll have to take a look for something else, maybe something different for a side dish. Any ideas? Any recipes you love and can’t do without? Anything new you’ve tried and would go good with turkey? Anyone?

What is for Thanksgiving?

We can’t decide what to have for Thanksgiving. Mom asks me what I want and I say I don’t know, and I ask her what she wants and she says she doesn’t know and we are starting to sound like Abbot and Costello with all the round and round we are doing about dinner that night. There are only going to be the five of us, one my one year old son, so we don’t need to go all out.

Two things are for sure, lots and lots of stuffing, preferably at least two different kinds (I love cranberry and apple stuffing, Hubby likes oyster stuffing); and the other thing for sure is the Cranberry Relish my grandmother used to make. Other than that I have no clue.

We have had ham and turkey and lamb for dinner before but none of those sound good. And we have had all kinds of different side dishes and none of those sound good either. I just don’t know what we will have.

So, what do you have for Thanksgiving? What is the main dish? What are the side dishes? Any ideas????