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I’ve finished copying all the recipes over so you can go to my recipe page and click on any recipe and either see the original post or my copied post of the original recipe. I hope that will make it easier to try out some of these good recipes that I’ve found. Enjoy!

An Apology

I noticed something the other day and I greatly apologize for it. Almost all the links to my crock pot recipes were from a site I had a subscription to but you had to sign up to see. So I am slowly copying all those recipes, with the original link, and posting them on my blog. I haven’t changed anything and you can see the original link at the bottom of each recipe I copied.

Delay but decision made

My mom is super sick so my son’s birthday party is postponed. We will have the party on Friday. In addition to my Chinese BBQ ribs I’m going to make Eggplant With Garlic Sauce and Asian Carryout Noodles and Citrus Veggie Stir-fry . They all sound good to me and I have almost everything I need to make them. Hope they work out!

What to serve?

So for my birthday I made the crock pot BBQ chili, not bad I think. It was a little sweet but if I had used my home made BBQ sauce instead of bottled it would have been more smokey, less sweet.

My son’s birthday is this week and I’m trying to plan a menu (I know, talk about waiting until the last minute) but since it’s only going to be 5 of us, all family, I’m not wanting to go overboard.

I have decided on serving Chinese pork ribs (I’ll post the recipe in a day or two) but I’m having problems deciding what else to serve with it. Maybe a noodle or rice dish and there has to be some veggies but other than that I have no clue. Anyone have any good Asian side dish recipes?


Usually for our birthdays I make something special. This year not so much. For my husband’s birthday we didn’t do anything since he was at a concert with his brother. My sister’s birthday we had a party but it was at a friend’s house and they cooked. Other than icing the cake (and as a cake decorator I’m expected to) I didn’t do anything. Ok, I made a side dish (I will post it, I promise) but it wasn’t much. For my birthday last year I made my Super Salmon and I made it again for our anniversary. This year I have to work so I think I won’t be doing much more than making a crock pot of Slow Cooker BBQ Chili and calling it good.

However next week is my son’s second birthday and while I will be making a cake, at work, my kitchen is almost too small to do it at home, especially with a toddler wanting to “help”, I’m not sure I will make something special for dinner. Maybe, maybe not.


I apoligize for the long absence, work and almost 2 year old has kept me so busy and tired I don’t have any me time. I’ll try to update this as much as I can but that may not be as much as I used to.

Tonight is my anniversary and I just had to make my Super Salmon and steamed asparagus with some of This wine. The wine has some significance for us. Last Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary and at our wedding we drank that wine….and it was very yummy. But since we were on vacation we didn’t have the time to have a special dinner….I guess we are making up for it now.