This started as a way to easily share my recipes with some of my online friends. I had so many but none of them were actually written down so I was faced with the problem of taking recipes that I’ve known and cooked my entire adult life and putting amounts to the ingredients.

My views on food are my own. I like easy to cook recipes that are a little different than the norm. I hate having the same thing every week or even every month. I like different food. I like exciting food. I like trying new things and discovering new tastes and big flavors. And I like keeping the recipes that I make in the affordable range. If it’s inexpensive and tastes good then I like it.

A couple things about me and food though. I don’t like bacon. I know, droves of my followers are heading to more bacon-y pastures but it’s the truth. I like prosciutto fine, just bacon doesn’t work for me. So if you run across one of my recipes that you think would be perfect with bacon, throw it in. And then come back and post about how great it was with the bacon addition. Also, I like onions. Cooked or raw, it really doesn’t matter to me. So if you see a recipe that sounds good but you don’t like the onions (or any other ingredient), leave it out. It’s all about personal preference.

I’m an assistant bakery manager and head cake decorator at a grocery store. I have 2 kids, my son is almost 4 and my daughter is less than 6 months. So expect some references to how to “kid friendly” my recipes and look for some baby food recipes to pop up on here soon since we’ll be starting her on solids pretty quick. If you ever come into my store I’ll talk your ear off about food…or maybe give you some good suggestions. 😉

I hope everyone enjoys my blog and my recipes. Some are borrowed (I’ve tried to link back to everything I’ve run across) and some are mine. I try to get pictures but sometimes I totally forget until it’s all eaten…lol. I love to share recipes as much as I love to cook. Please comment. Please post your food blog or your recipes. Please like me on facebook. Hey, it’s the internet, if we don’t share there is no point, right?

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