New Recipes Review

Since I’ve tried quite a few new recipes recently I thought I would write a review on what we thought of them and what changes I did or think they could use. Ok, so each has a possible 5 stars (*), 2 from me, 2 from my husband and 1 from my son (yeah, he is only 16 months old but he has definite tastes).

Ham and Cheese Pasta I thought it was kind of bland and some brown mustard really pepped up the left overs.
Rating: 1 star from me, 1 star from my son and 2 stars from my husband

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Very good. I served it over brown rice but Hubby thought it would be good over soba noodles.
Rating: 2 stars from me and 1 star from Hubby, my son didn’t eat it, he went to bed early and missed dinner

Baked Ziti with Spinach and Sausage I didn’t have ziti so I used medium shells, better to hold onto the sauce in my opinion, and I used one can diced tomatoes, one small can tomato sauce and about one cup of left over alfredo sauce.


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