Christmas Dinner

I changed the pic on my blog head to something most people wouldn’t think was normal but there is a reason behind it. I’m not usually a holiday person….well, I’m not going to get into why but let’s just say I could do without Christmas for the most part. Except for Christmas dinner.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, beautiful area, and I live right on the coast, I can hear the ocean in my house and see it from my bedroom window. Living so close to the ocean has it’s advantages, like fresh live dungeness crab for Christmas eve. Served with about a pound of butter and a green salad (eaten before so there isn’t any shell pieces in it) and lots of fresh french bread. There is truly nothing better. And although we usually end up eating crab quite a few times during the winter, that’s crab season around here, Christmas eve is ALWAYS the first of the season for us. I can’t wait. So until I can furnish my own picture of our own crab dinner that one will be on my blog. I’m hoping it will inspire someone to try some fresh crab if they never have had it before…. 🙂


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