What’s for Thanksgiving…part 2

I think we decided last night to have smoked turkey. Mom got a smoker last year and although it was a hassle to do it (up at 5 am to get it started) this year should be easier since she has bought an electric coil for it so she doesn’t have to regulate the temp so much. Plus, I think she is going to smoke it the day before, that way she can smoke some extra turkey breasts on Thanksgiving (they don’t take long) for leftovers. And Hubby said he wants mashed potatoes and gravy. As for the rest of dinner, who knows? Smoked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry relish don’t a Thanksgiving dinner make. I’ll have to take a look for something else, maybe something different for a side dish. Any ideas? Any recipes you love and can’t do without? Anything new you’ve tried and would go good with turkey? Anyone?


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