Tomorrow is Lindsey’s 24th birthday. (Lin is my little sister and only sibling for those who don’t read my other blog.) And she requested a lemon cheese cake. So tomorrow morning I’ll be searching for a lemon cheese cake recipe. No worries, I’ll post the one I use and a pic of it when I’m finished. And I think I’ll make blueberry sauce from my Granny’s blueberries to go on top. It should be good. We were supposed to have steak and mashed potatoes and salad for dinner but I don’t have enough steak for the 4 of us. I’ve got to get milk at the store anyway so I’ll look for a nice chunk of meat and if it’s nice tomorrow night I’ll grill it. It was raining tonight so that wasn’t possible. We had curry though, it was quite tasty. Sorry no pics, I forgot, but I’ll post my recipe tomorrow for all of you. It’s a really quick and easy recipe, I promise! 🙂


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